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Dementia Awareness Session – Saturday 8th June 2019

The St Luke’s Patients Participation Group is here to represent the interests of patients at the practice. A recent review of what we achieve as a group  has found that support of healthcare in a broader environment than the committed care that comes with each appointment is something to aspire to, so we hope that through a new initiative we can deliver support for the care already offered through a patient focussed community stemming from the practice but delivered with the support of patients, charities and groups in our area. By working together we are hoping national standards of care will continue to be met and exceeded with patients getting more help and support to manage their own health success stories.

With this in mind the first of our new initiatives is being launched, an activity morning to help those of us worried about someone who is affected by dementia, what do we say to them, how do we listen, what can we offer to show that we care?

The Alzheimer’s Society will be coming to the practice to discuss 5 key messages everyone should know about dementia, from what we know and how we think and talk about this condition to what we can offer and how we support those affected. The session will last approximately one hour with an opportunity to gain more information or offer more support to those affected.

So please, whether you are interested in the new role of PPG or whether you want to know more about supporting those with dementia do come on the 8th of June at 10:30 Am . We will provide a warm welcome and refreshments.

If you want to offer your support to the Patients group as a member, or with ideas of what we can offer please do contact me Samantha Richmond, through the practice or by email



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