St Luke’s Surgery

01483 510 030

On-site Pharmacy

Boots Chemist operate a pharmacy on-site here at St.Lukes Surgery. This is open to all and not just to patients at St.Lukes.


Boots Pharmacy is open: 8.30am-6.30pm Monday to Friday & 9.00am-1.00pm on Saturdays.


Boots offer a range of services which include the following:

Medicines Review – This involves; discussing medication with patients to identify any or all possible side-effects,  general concerns that patients may have, or, simply to remind patients the reason for them taking a particular medication.

Managing Prescription Service – Boots can keep hold of the patients’ repeat prescription in the branch. Patients then have the choice to either pop into Boots at St. Lukes, or, call  01483  504244   to order their medication. Boots can then put the prescription through to the surgery and the medication can be collected from the Pharmacy after 3 working days (excluding weekends).

Delivery Service – Boots Pharmacy do offer a delivery service however, this is generally only available for the elderly.


As a GP partnership we have no financially vested interest in the pharmacy.

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